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About Us

About A&G Renovations LTD

A&G Renovations provides tiling and bathroom renovation service. Concentrated in these areas the following is being offered to make the service delivery durable, optimal, quick and cost efficient.

  • Advice to best approach to the project and possible

  • No obligation estimate containing costing on labor materials or any other related aspects to the project.

  • Material handling, we use trusted supplies with intention to benefit clients not only in fair price but also in providing consultation, alternatives, delivery terms after sale care. Most important delivering there promises.

  • Delivery of service from preparation of the site, protecting client property. Carrying out right perpetration for a given job. Carry out installation by following British standards, manufacture instructions and use of own knowledge and experience also tidying up and making it ready to use.

  • After sales care, checking back on the project and if needed rectify anything that has not performed or needs adjustment.

  • Management of waist to recycle it in a right manner

  • Liability insurance has is in place for client, employees and property safety and protection.

Our focus is in the core service as well as sub tasks which are important to make project run cost effective, tidy, and safe and preventing any damages to the client property also do it in environmentally friendly manner. The combination of the areas of focus makes up A&G Renovations LTD service.


Simple do it ones and do it right.



To seek continuous improvement in our service, tools techniques, use new technologies to reach and serve clients.




Plumbing done to perfection as this will reflect end result of the work. A&G renovations only focus on bathroom renovations therefore the price estimates are close to accurate, scope of work is synchronized with preparation and finishing to achieve productive work schedule. Usually one person dose all the work to renovate a bathroom, in some cases qualified electrician or plumber is outsourced if installed has no qualification in these areas. This way the cost is lower for the labor as multiple task can be done during the day, it is quicker as there is minimal wait time for other trades and installer is fully responsible for all aspects of insulation.

Floor And Wall Tiling


With all type of tiles (ceramic, porcelain, mosque, natural stone and vinyl).This is done on walls and floor with a use of leveling systems if large tile are used to achieve as perfect finish as possible. Right selection of materials also considered when tiling in bathrooms, wet rooms, heated floor or any other situations where right materials has to be used to insure durability of the installation.

Exterior Tiling 


Tile exterior such us pathways, gardens, steps also driveways. Taking responsibility to make a right type of slope for drain, also install manholes or drain channels. Preparations such as braking old concreate, installing new reinforcement and screeding to required level also done by A&G renovations.


Additional Service


Such as preparation to remove old tile, level walls or floors, install Dura-based matting system or backer board, heating system and waterproofing can be done by A&G Renovations. Other services such as plastering, electrics also supplied and managed by A&G Renovations but only to the bathroom or tiling projects unless exceptions are made for our loyal clients. Management of materials is available and preferred to be done by A&G Renovations. These way right materials are delivered in time without cluttering the site also any errors can be directly addressed and dealt with without interrupting client’s day to day business. The same applies to recycling of rubbish which can be dealt by A&G renovations.


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