Expert Advice and Planning

At A&G renovations, we are proud to provide an expert advice to help our valued clients optimise their living space. In addition, we careful map out an effective plan of action to ensure living areas are well utilised and fitted with adequate furniture and fittings to suit the design and meet the specific needs of our clients. Like every project, the success of the outcome of the renovation process is down to a well-established design and plan. A solid and detailed plan is a crucial foundation when it comes to expert-led planning and designing. We take all aspects of any renovation into great consideration when providing a quote. From the planning and design stages to the materials and labour, you can rest assured that our pricing is carefully considered to offer cost-effective but high-quality services.

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Supply & Preparation

The supplying and preparation of quality material is every bit as important as the planning and designing stages. The vital supplying stage covers all elements from the execution of what has been planned to create the unique project as per the design. The most common elements include materials such as tiles, worktops, and kitchen units. As we are passionate about working with top-quality materials, we work with hand-picked reliable suppliers to meet the needs of our clients, allowing us to deliver the project on budget and on time. We supply ranges from economical, expensive, and exclusive elements of installation, to suit all budgets. Each client has individual needs, properties, and budgets. Therefore, we make it our goal to ensure we have the best materials for an excellent result. Preparation is the foundation for a long-lasting installation; great preparation is vital. The preparation process begins with excellent protection measures put in place to prevent damages to a property. This process includes flooring, walls, furniture, and driveways, to name a few. All preparation prior to installation takes into consideration the finished design, chosen materials, and any extra fittings. Professional testing of any electrical, gas or drainage and water supply is carried at all stages, ensuring the installation is safe and long lasting.

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From start to finish, we expertly handle the entire installation process ensuring everything runs smoothly and all fixtures are placed exactly where they belong. Checks are carried out throughout to ensure attention to detail, protection of fixtures that are already in place. Additionally, we strive to follow manufacturer’s instructions, too. We ensure great care is taken, offering excellent attention to details, precision and the utmost care.

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