Design and Plan

As a part of our service we provide design and advice service to our clients for optimal utilisation of the living space with adequate furniture and fittings to suite the design and most importantly is to establish and meet client needs and wants. The success of the renovation process depends on the well-established design and plan. So this is a crucial step, as the other stages in the project stand on the foundations of designing and planning. This is what the pricing of the project is based upon and to establish a fixed price on the project and materials we take design and planning stage very seriously as all other parts of our service.

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Supply & Preparation

Supplying & preparation is as important as planning and designing. Supplying stage covers all elements we may need for the execution of the plans to create project as per design. The most common elements are materials and sanitary ware, tiles worktops and kitchen units. As we are specialising in this area we have a list of reliable suppliers to meet the needs of our clients and to deliver the project on budget and on time. We supply all type of ranges from economical, expensive and exclusive elements of installation. As all customers have different needs, budgets and types of properties we aim to find the right elements to suite individual needs. Preparation is the foundation for the long-lasting installation. It starts from adequate protection to prevent any damages to client’s property (flooring, walls, furniture, driveways, etc.). Preparation for the installation is done taking into consideration finished design, type of materials chosen for installation as well as sanitary ware and fixtures. Tests of electrical, gas, drained or water are done at all stages to make sure the installation is safe and long lasting.

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We deal with the full installation process from start to finish and put all things in its own right place. This stage is also carried out with attention to details, protecting fixtures already in place and following manufactures instructions not only relying on our own experience for installation. This is a key as in this stage as some parts are expensive or has a vital function and may not be available in few weeks if we need to change it. This is why we take great care in all aspects of service as it all requires great attention to details, precision and care.

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