About us

About A&G Renovations LTD

A&G Renovations provides tiling and bathroom renovation service. Concentrated in these areas the following is being offered to make the service delivery durable, optimal, quick and cost efficient.

  • Advice to best approach to the project and possible
  • No obligation estimate containing costing on labor materials or any other related aspects to the project.
  • Material handling, we use trusted suppliers with intention to benefit clients not only in a fair price but also in providing consultation, alternatives, delivery terms and after sale care. Most importantly delivering their promises.
  • Service Delivery from preparation of the site ensuring client property is protected. Carrying out right preparation for a given job. A&G Renovations follow through the installation by following British standards, manufacturer instructions and of course our expertise and many years of experience in the field.
  • We continuously reach out to our past clients to ensure there are no issues with the project, we are a phone call away to ensure 100% satisfaction is achieved.
  • Waste Management includes the collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste. Monitoring regulation of the waste management process.
  • Liability insurance covers clients, employees and property.

Our focus is in the core service as well as sub tasks which are important to make project run cost effective, tidy, and safe preventing any damages to the client’s property ensuring it is done in environmentally friendly manner. The combination of these areas of focus makes up A&G Renovations LTD service.


Simple, do it once and do it right.


To seek continuous improvement in our service, tools and techniques, use of new technologies to reach and serve our clients.

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